Why I love Real Estate

The other day while waiting for my clients to hand over the keys to their very first home I reflected on how blessed I am to be able to be part of such a momentous occasion.  Real Estate is an incredibly rewarding profession but few moments rival handing someone the keys to their first home.  As first time buyers they have to trust you to from start to finish to help them with what is not only their biggest investment but also often where their family will really begin.

Once my clients arrived I handed them their key so they could open the door to their new home for the very first time. Of course I made them stop to get a picture of the moment so they could always remember it.  To see the genuine smiles on their faces and the excitement in their eyes it was a clear affirmation that I’m in the right career for me.

We wandered through their new home talking about all the stuff they bought for it already and what they were going to do to make it their very own.  They mentioned how a family member was going to be able to come and stay with them now that they had their own home.  We then spent some time just talking over the process of buying a home since it went pretty fast for them taking only 30 days even with the added requirements of a VA loan.

They asked me what my favorite part of my job is and I without having to think about it said “This time right here…seeing the joy and excitement with you and realizing I was a part of that.”  I know that not only do I have happy clients I have new friends.

Shortly after arriving home that evening I get this message from the happy new homeowners:

 Sherry, thanks for putting your heart and God’s love into your work.  Keep blessing people and keep using your God-given abilities (personable, outgoing, knowledge of the market, flexibility, care and concern, etc.) to make the world a little bit better for the people who come to you.  It’s not a small responsibility – and we were blessed to have you.

That note just was a perfect ending to a great day!


Article Name
Why I love Real Estate
A recent Aliso Viejo Real Estate transaction with first time home buyers gave me a great opportunity to reflect on why I love working in real estate.
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