Why hire a licensed Realtor for your Orange County Real Estate needs

In my 15 years of experience there really are only a few reasons why people choose to forgo hiring a realtor: they don’t want to pay for the service, they had bad experience in the past, or they feel they can handle it all themselves.


As valid as some of those reasons may seem buying or selling a home without utilizing the services of a licensed Realtor can be a big financial mistake. If you think about it a real estate sale is really a contractual business arrangement conducted in one of the most litigious states in America, that alone ought to warrant hiring a licensed professional with insurance protection just in case something goes wrong at some point. Something as simple as forgetting to give a buyer just one of the multiple required disclosures can provide an astute Real Estate Attorney the ability to devour all your financial gains from the sale in court costs and damages.  While a lawsuit is always possible in any transaction a licensed real estate professional carries Errors and Omissions Insurance that will cover you for most things except for fraud.

For buyers the Internet has been both a blessing and a curse. Sure you can find so much information out on the Internet but that information can be put out there by anyone and can be good or bad.  Lots of times when clients send me links to things that are clearly scams it reminds of the TV commercial where the girl says I read it on the internet it must be true.  The internet is a great place to start looking for you next home and researching areas but you will miss a lot of important information if you don’t access the wealth of knowledge an experienced licensed Realtor has gained over years of helping clients just like you.  Having your own buyer’s agent ensures you have representation when you make an offer on a home.  You will get all the facts about the neighborhood, how long it’s been on the market, what the comparable sales are and most importantly professional advice on the mountain of property disclosures you need to review.

With the average home price in Orange County at over 500,000 it just makes sense to hire a competent, local, experienced professional real estate agent to assist you in navigating either the sale or purchase of your home.

If you have any question regarding your next real estate move feel free to contact me I am here to help.

Sherry Swift

Broker Associate

949 599 6860


Article Name
Why hire a licensed Realtor for your Orange County Real Estate needs
While licensed Realtors conduct the vast majority of Orange County Real Estate transactions there are still some people who think going it alone is a good idea. Here is why hiring a licensed and experienced Orange County Realtor is the smartest decision you can make.
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