To Sell or Not to Sell

When I have buyers with their hearts set on living in a certain neighborhood in South Orange County I actively search for homeowners who may be interested in selling. Tract after tract and door after door I go looking for homeowners who want to sell.  If they say no I always ask why not so I can try and better understand exactly what homeowners are thinking in this crazy real estate market.  The reasons are pretty varied such as I love my house, we just finish upgrading our kitchen or bathroom or whatever else they upgraded, we want our children to go to such and such school and they can walk there now, I’d love to but I’m still upside down (owe more than it’s worth), with the inventory so low there is nothing for me to buy up to, uncertain about my current employment so I don’t want to increase my housing cost etc, etc.  So even with real estate prices ratcheting up at a pace unseen since 2003-2004 and report after report about little to no available inventory creating a real seller’s market many homeowners are still not interested in making a move.

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If I knocked on your door and ask if you wanted to sell what would your answer be?  Sometimes it makes the most sense for your particular situation to stay put, but if moving is an idea you have kicked around you could not ask for a better market to sell your South Orange County home in.

If you are a homeowner who DOES want to sell and wishes to know the value of your current home so you can make an informed and intelligent decision a great place to start is by requesting your free home valuation email report. This report will give you solid numbers and I am always here to answer any questions you may have regarding your home, its value or the general market.

Sherry Swift

When Service Matters


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