The Importance of an Independent Home Inspection

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Any buyer purchasing a home needs to have that home professionally inspected. It is one thing that I don’t think buyers ought to skip. For some buyers hearing a professional inspection costs between $350 and $450 or more depending on the size and age makes them want to make their home inspection a DIY project or have the weekend carpenter uncle, brother or father who wants to help them save a few dollars because they are already spending enough of their money to bring in the funds to close.

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There is a big potential problem with DIY home inspections.  The well meaning family member, unless they are a licensed contractor or in the construction business, has a chance of missing something extremely important.  If this happens and the buyer relies on their inspection and ends up with a huge repair bill there could be some ill feelings by all parties involved. Or the family member could be so overly cautious they become paranoid and super critical of even the most miniscule issue causing the buyer to back out of a good home.   In reality $450 bucks is a small price to pay to avoid costly mistakes and family drama.

The best thing for a home buyer to do is to hire a neutral independent licensed home inspector.  Get several referrals from your real estate agent, friends, or co-workers who recently purchased a home in the area.  Make sure to schedule that right away as the best home inspectors will be hard to book and there are timelines to remove your inspection contingency.

The buyer’s home inspection is clearly extremely important there is even a two-page Buyer Inspection and Advisory section as part of the California Residential Purchase agreement.  It delineates all the things that a buyer can and should check when purchasing a home.  Of course not all are applicable to all homes but it’s a great form to review and helps the buyer do their due diligence.

An experienced Realtor will be able to help you navigate through all the inspections and help in recommending any additional inspection due to the particular area and home you are purchasing. I’ve been assisting buyers and sellers in South Orange County since 1999 and I am very familiar with the various area and unique issues that can arise in them.

Whether looking to buy or selling please feel free to contact me for any of your real estate questions or needs.

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One comment on “The Importance of an Independent Home Inspection
  1. mae anderson says:

    Hiring a professional home inspector is really a big help. Even though it is quietly costly, it is still a good thing because it would give you peace of mind. And I guess it would also help you save from future expensive repairs.

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