Mark Ward

When I recently found myself in the market for a home purchase, I recalled my then, roommate’s overall satisfaction with her home search and purchase process so I immediately contacted her realtor, Sherry Swift. Being a first time home buyer and overly cautious, I was extremely nervous and not very informed about how the whole thing worked. I informed Sherry of this early on and she immediately put me at ease and let me know that she would work closely with me on the process and “take care of me”. I’m thrilled to report that’s just what she did…and I wasn’t an easy customer! She took extreme time and detail to understand my likes and dislikes, building on information from each visit to craft our new possibilities, often times observing my visual responses and drawing out my thoughts. She set me up with her online tools to get immediate notice and input on new homes as they came on market. She was extremely available and often made time for quick visits to new houses, as they just came on the market. She provided much needed guidance and advice, without pressure, regarding each housing opportunity providing a balanced view of the pros and cons, both geographically and financially. All through the process, Sherry was very supportive and responsive. After we started escrow, she stayed in constant contact during the long escrow period to provide additional guidance and support, informing me of all the various pieces of the escrow process. When snags did arise, as they always do, she was there to “roll up her sleeves” and ensure that my interests were addressed, often times taking on responsibilities that traditionally would not have been that of a Realtor. Overall, I would strongly recommend Sherry to all home-buyers, new and old. Her positive attitude, responsive behavior, personal touch and support were all very gratefully received. She made this first time buyer’s very nervous situation very easy. Thank you Sherry!!

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