Technology changing the face of real estate

Recently I was having my first ever professional video and photo shoot.  To say I was nervous is a mild understatement.  While preparing to film my video I realized that anyone under the age of 30 probably is so use to having pictures and video taken because they grew up with camera’s in their face constantly.  But since I’m just a bit over 30, okay a little more than a bit over, I was somewhat apprehensive doing the video and pictures even though the professional videographer was my husband Dan.  Actually I think he is the only reason it was finished, he was so patient with me, though the next day he stated that the blooper reel is longer than the actual videos that will go on the website and that it provided him with some good laughs and it was a great experience directing inexperienced talent, glad I could help.

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Video has created a dramatic change in many businesses including real estate. Video footage of a home can show potential buyers how they can live in the home and helps create an emotional attachment between them and the property, which not only gets them to write an offer but also motivates them to be more accommodating and keep the transaction moving forward. With all the smart phones and tablets out there video is necessary to properly communicate your message.

Technology is something we need to embrace or risk getting left behind.  The real estate market has changed so much in the past 14 years it hardly seems like the same career anymore.   I don’t mean contracts or anything like that because they have stayed pretty much the same with a handful of additions and modifications, what I mean is all that is involved today in this fast pace technology age.  Proper communication is a lot more involved then 14 years ago when their wasn’t Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, YouTube and all the other social media that you have to be on as well as constant connection to the net through smart phones and tablets. As time goes on technology will continue to change the meaning of successful communication, whether its letting people know who you or marketing a home for sale and video is the perfect means to communicate on all those tablets and smart phones out there, even for those like me who are still a bit camera shy, though I am excited to see what my husband produces once the editing is done.

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