effective communication

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Effective communication

Text, email, voice mails are all ways in which we communicate in the modern world of South Orange County Real Estate.  Are they all fast and convenient? Yes they are fast and convenient.  But can these tiny bits of information always get communicated and received properly?  The answer to that is a resounding NO. How many times have you texted, or emailed somebody only to have them respond to your message in a way that makes it obvious the message you were intending to convey wasn’t received the way you intended?  I’m sure if you are like me it happens more than you would like. Text and email are a one-way conversation that can easily be misunderstood, and quite frequently are, and only once your message is responded to that you find out they “took” it the wrong way.

As much as I love meeting my clients in person and talking over the phone modern life has made texting and emailing more and more common means of communication in South Orange County real estate. I have since realized that while communicating to my clients texting is okay if you are texting them a location to meet, or the cost of the home inspection check they need to bring but if it’s getting down to important details regarding the home purchase or sale that no one can afford to confused or misconstrue you better talk either in person or on the phone and then follow up that conversation with an email to them just to make sure that all parties understand and in agreement.

I pride myself on offering the level of service life changing events, like South Orange County real estate transactions, deserve and should demand.  Nobody minds ordering a pizza online but a home is such an important part of someone’s life we shouldn’t leave it to the most convenient communication methods but rather utilize the best methods to avoid errors and confusion.  This is my promise to you; a full commitment to the personalized service you deserve so you have one less source of technology fueled confusion to deal with.

So when dealing with matters of high importance in South Orange County real estate we can’t leave complex issues to text messaging alone.  Meet in person (coffee anyone?) or pick up the phone and make sure all parties are on the same page and then follow up with an email to confirm the major points and agreements.  It will save both parties useless wasted time and frustration, which we tend to have enough of in the modern world.

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