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The Homebuyer Worksheet

South orange county home buyers worksheet

The foundation to build your home search on

Working with homebuyers in OC real estate, whether it’s their first or third home is always an adventure.  I have found over the past 13 years of being a full time Realtor that it saves a lot of time, frustration and disappointment if you take the time to do an initial consultation with all buyers involved in the decision making process before jumping into the car to look at homes.

Over the years I have developed a worksheet for my South Orange County real estate buyers that helps define exactly what we are looking for. The real surprises happen when I have two buyers complete it separately.  This worksheet helps identify the “ideal” home for all buyers involved and outlines what is the “must have” and the “wants” of each buyer. Surprise, surprise they are usually not the same at first.   This launches the discussion to determine what are must haves for all and what areas are open for compromise (rather than debating that after driving home from the sixth house you looked at).

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Right now I am working with a couple where one person wants a home that is somewhat unique and not the typical tract style homes so abundant in South Orange County real estate.  Their spouse on the other hand is looking for a newer home in a community where there are all the community amenities.  By working with them through the buyer worksheet we have found a compromise and now we are able to move forward with making offers and we will find the home that they both are happy with.

One other thing to remember is that wants and needs evolve over time as you look for your home so don’t get “married” to your original wants and needs causing you to miss out on a great home in a great area.  Recently I had a couple start looking in Aliso Viejo, they were dead set on buying in Aliso Viejo and end up in San Clemente when I showed them the house they could really make their home. The foundation of your home search and the first thing to do once you make the decision to buy a new home is to sit down and write out the needs and wants. Spending the time upfront to decide what you mutually want then revisiting that list as you view additional homes will save you a lot of time, frustration and aggravation in the long run, and it sure beats driving around in the tense awkward silence couple conflicts can so easily generate.  Remember buying a home is like adopting a puppy you can’t change your mind once you sign the papers or bring the puppy home so make sure your getting the best home for your family.

I love assisting homebuyers find their “perfect” home and I really enjoy going through the adventure with them. There are few things cooler than handing someone the keys to the new place they will make a home and knowing you helped make that a reality for them.  When its time to make your next move I am glad to put my expertise and experience to work to help make the experience as painless and stress free as possible.

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