Should Babies Come With Moving Boxes?

Twice in the past week clients who have recently had a child contacted me to let me know its time to find them a bigger Orange County home. This isn’t an unusual request because once you bring your bundle of joy home your quickly realize how much space something so small and that at first doesn’t really do much takes up.

Like most people I expanded my house as I expanded my family so I fully understand the need for baby space. The reality is we get used to living in a certain amount of space and when we add all the things that come along with a baby, and there is a lot of things that come with a baby so much so that there is even a whole store now dedicated to nothing but baby items, we quickly realize that what was once plenty of room has shrunk considerably.

When planning a post baby move you have to consider not only the amount of space the baby needs for all its baby things now but also room for it to grow and wander freely without you worrying about every step it takes. Also consider now your not just dealing with your schedule and your partners schedule but your also dealing with baby’s schedule and baby don’t really care about your schedule, so make sure shared spaces like kitchens and bathrooms have enough elbow room to accommodate. Another factor to consider is will there be a grandma or aunt spending a lot of time at your home and do they need a place to sleep over? If someone works from home they are going to need a space to get away to and be able to work somewhat interrupted (as uninterrupted as one can be with a baby in the house anyway).

Two of my favorite clients who were expecting twins did the smart thing and got into a much bigger home before the twins showed up. This way they had the rooms set up and had the time to adjust to the new home before adjusting to the new arrivals.

So if your expecting or expecting to be expecting and want to know your real estate related options feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly share my experience, the experiences of my clients and help you make the best decisions for your growing family.


Sherry Swift


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Should Babies Come with Moving Boxes
Dealing with your Orange County Real Estate needs when your expecting or recently brought home your bundle of you
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