Orange County Real Estate – The Importance of Customer Service

Customer service is a hot topic in today’s instant review, always on and interconnected society.  There are even popular lists that rank the top and bottom companies for their level of customer service.  When I think of a top company for customer service I think of Chick-fil-A.  I go to the one in the Aliso Viejo town center all the time and have never had an unpleasant experience from their staff.  In fact as a frequent on the run diner I can say their staff are so well trained and pleasant that they really stand out.  So much so that if you’re having a bad day I’d recommend going to Chick-fil-A, the staff will make you smile I’m sure of it.

Customer service is essential in Orange County real estate as well. I hear to often from clients who stop by open houses about agents who don’t greet them, don’t engage them and act as if a potential buyer walking in is a major inconvenience for them. This looks poorly on that agent but more importantly leaves potential buyers with a bad feeling about your home and can actually cost you a buyer!

I have also heard hundreds of nightmare scenarios from clients about past transactions with other agents where the agents failed to answer calls or emails, glanced over important items, cancelled appointments without justifiable reasons, burdened clients with their personal problems and way to often disappeared once escrow was open. Opening escrow is just the beginning of a transaction but to often agents disappear at this point leaving the clients to fend for themselves and leaving the other agent to carry the transaction through to the end. Having been that other agent who has to do the job of both agents to often I can tell you if your agent leaves you to fend for yourself during escrow at best you are not getting the representation you paid for and at worse you can put yourself in a bad situation when the expert your hired is not tending to the details.  Remember you have an agent representing you and another agent is representing the other party in the transaction. When agents disappear on me during transactions (which happens much more than I like) I will still do everything in my power to make sure that deal closes because that is my duty to my client but the entire time I will be actively protecting my client’s interests not the opposite party’s. So make sure your working with an experienced, professional, full time, agent who is looking to build a business based on referrals not someone who is looking to open escrows and run off to the next deal.

For agents it only makes sense to provide top-notch customer service. Not will your transaction go smoother but you can get referrals from them if you provide excellent customer services and referrals are how you build a real business in the long term. Agents have to learn to not be so short sighted and instead focus on providing the level of service they would expect from someone they would do business with again and feel comfortable referring their friends and family to.

If you know anyone looking to buy or sell their Orange County home and wish to work with an agent that provides excellent top-notch customer service contact me today I’m here to help.

Sherry Swift

Broker Associate

949 599 6860

Article Name
Customer Service and Orange County Real Estate
The importance of customer service in Orange County Real Estate can't be overstated. Top-notch service must be provided to clients all throughout the transaction if the agent is serious about building a long term business.
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