Selling Your Home

We Get It

Selling a home is one of the most important transactions most people will ever undertake. We greatly respect the importance of this life changing event and highly value and protect the trust you put in us to handle the details for you. Rest assured nobody will do more to get your home sold for more money, in less time and with the least inconvenience to you than we will. I will be with you every step of the way to personally make sure every detail is covered and your transaction is as pleasant and profitable as possible .

Our Team

We have become one of the leading Orange County real estate teams because of our strict focus on providing the highest level of service to our clients.  Our entire team structure is built around providing more time for the skilled experienced agent to work directly with the client while non-client centered activities are handled by others. You hire a skilled, experienced local expert to sell your home and we believe all your interactions should be with that skilled and experienced local expert not a freshly licensed sub agent or hourly wage assistant. When you call us your calling my cell phone number directly and I will be right there with you the entire time to handle any issues and answer any questions that might come up. To have the time clients deserve available to you I have a marketing person, technology person and transaction assistance who handle the many things that take away from an agent being able to be there for their clients. That way I can be available for you when you need me.

Before Your Home Is Listed

Pricing Your Home

Pricing really is part art and part science. A Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) is the starting point which will tell us what properties like yours have recently sold for and from which we compare and contrast your home and then get an idea of what your home’s value is. The art of pricing is knowing the local market, knowing the housing trends on a local level and knowing the current local demand so we can adjust the CMA price point to maximize your profit. Pricing is one area where hyper-local expertise is essential so you can get the greatest price possible without risking over pricing your home and missing out on potential buyers. Over pricing leads to inactivity which often makes potential buyers think there is something wrong with the home even if the price is adjusted latter just because of the number of days it has spent on the market compared to similar properties. The third piece of the pricing equation is your expectations. Once we have all three factors in place we can intelligently discuss a pricing plan that will lead to a successful transaction in the time frame you require.

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Experience is the best teacher when it comes to knowing what makes potential buyers comfortable enough in your home that they want to make it theirs. I will walk through your home with you and give you little inexpensive tips that will make your home much more appealing than the competition which will get us more interest and offers quicker. My hyper-local focus allows me to know exactly what is on the market, how we compare and what local buyers are responding to.

Contract Review

Once we have an agreed price I will sit down with you and review the listing contract and point out various clauses and terms that you should be aware of and of course answer any questions you may have.  Once you are comfortable with the contract we can execute it and get your home on the market.

Lock Box and Sign

A sign is a great way to let potential buyers know your home is on the market and a lock box makes it very easy for agents to show your home to potential buyers, both should be used whenever possible to speed up the selling process and generate the greatest number of potential offers. However I completely understand that sometimes one or both of these simply aren’t possible for you and we can work around that and make special accommodations so that you are comfortable, I will review with you any possible ramifications of making any modifications so you are making a fully informed decision.

Once Your Home is On The Market

Marketing Your Home

Technology has dramatically changed the way we market Orange County Real Estate. Today to get the most interest in your home, and generate the best offers multiple mediums have to be expertly used. Our cutting edge marketing program includes:

Direct Mail – custom original postcards are sent to a select, targeted group of potential buyers of your home. These postcards are designed to first grab attention with a eye catching visual, then peak potential buyers interest and finally provide a simple call to action to capitalize on that interest.  Most buyers move within a handful of miles of their existing home, most moves happen because of the need for more space and most buyers buy a home 20 -30% more expensive than their existing home so we know exactly who to target.

Orange County Real Estate Just Listed Postcard

one of our postcards sent to potential buyers of your home

Flyers and Signs – the goal of good real estate signs and flyers is to entice potential buyers to seek more information and make it easy for them to get that information. Our signs are clean and simple making it easy for them to contact us. Our flyers are visually enticing and direct potential buyers to get much more information by visiting our webpage about your home which includes photos, descriptions and of course a video tour because video give us infinitely more impact than a flat piece of paper ever could.

Your Webpage – we create a page just for your home complete with pictures, video and written descriptions and then optimize it for SEO so we can be found when buyers are searching online. Our pages feature an easy one button contact so when they are interested we are just a click away.



see a sample of what your webpage would look like here



Web Plus – today 90 percent of all home buyers begin their home search online, so we promote your home on over 500 websites, feature it on our YouTube channel and announce your home on various social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and our blogs so we know those looking online will see your home. We also feature your home in our highly popular monthly email newsletter further enhancing your exposure.

Orange County Real Estate where we promote your home

Some of the Websites we promote your home on

Professionally shot & edited photos – we make sure the absolute best features of your house are clear and obvious to potential buyers & utilize the emotional impact visual mediums provide to generate the right reactions. Just snapping random pictures with a smart phone is nowhere near enough today. Busy buyers needs to be motivated to want to see your home, don’t risk getting eliminated from their list of potential homes because of poor quality photos.

Professionally shot & edited video – the days of panning photos and calling that a virtual tour are over. We shoot high definition professional video and then the real magic happens in editing. We create a “mini movie” of your home using music to set the right mood, cinematic effects to capture and keep potential buyers attention, and then tell the story of why your house should be the next place they call home.



 see a sample video here



MLS listing – the MLS is an immensely valuable way to let other agents know your home is available. By writing brief but compelling descriptions we generate the highest level of interest and help buyers agents sell their clients on your home.

Open Houses – we hold well publicized open houses that bring crowds that are typically four times larger than the average open house. We create a fun, inviting and informative atmosphere that makes people excited about your home. The only thing worse than agents who don’t hold their listings open are those who just sit in the corner and provide nothing of value to potential buyers. In any given year around 20% of homes are sold at open houses, but the open houses have to be worked properly to get results. Properly done open houses generate the type of interest that generates the best offers. We come prepared with information about the home, the community and the area and present everything in a clear and visually engaging way. Our open houses are advertised on hundreds of websites and we target specific potential move up buyers for your home and drop customized invitations off at their door. We also invite other agents to our open houses, they can come alone, bring clients or even send their clients alone knowing we will take good care of them.

our open house invite

our open house invite

Craigslist – there is no denying the massive power and appeal of craigslist. We create custom coded one of a kind pages to promote your property and open houses. Our ads are informative, engaging and visually memorable, they stand out so you stand out.


  see a sample of our Craigslist ads here


Reputation – all the marketing in the world won’t generate the results you want without the agent having a stellar reputation for integrity, honesty and professionalism. Real Estate is a very small community and we have worked very hard since 1999 to establish and maintain the type of reputation that makes other agents want to show our listings and want to do deals with us.  Every productive experienced agent know other agents who delegate transactional issues of importance down to inexperienced buyers agents and unlicensed assistants and hate doing deals with them because the person with the skills and experience won’t be dealing with important matters when they arise. We never do that, you hire me, an experienced, skilled, local expert and that is who will handle every aspect of your deal. Agents also know they are dealing with an experienced professional and that can be the difference between getting an offer or not.


We actively seek feedback on your home from other agents and potential buyers to see if we need to consider any changes. Our job is to get you the most attention that will generate the most interest and provide the best offers and we use feedback to make sure everything is on track. We review this feedback with you so you know how your home is being seen in the current market.


Once an offer is in the negotiations begin. I personally reach out to the buyer’s agents to review the offer and collect additional information before I review it with you. We will sit down and discuss the terms and points of the offer and I will review different issues for you to consider. When necessary we will counter their offer on any of a number of terms and then work with the buyer’s agent to make the offer a deal. The keys to successful negotiations that only experience can teach are knowing what to ask for, how to ask for it and how to create the win-wins that lead to successful closings.  When dealing with multiple offers we will work with all other agents to get you the absolute best offer for your home.

The Escrow Process

An escrow is an arrangement on which a neutral third party, called an escrow holder, holds legal documentation and funds on behalf of a buyer and seller. The escrow agent works closely with you, the realtors and lender to assure that the sale conditions are complied within the time period called for in the Residential Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions.

After all parties have executed these documents, escrow prepares an Addendum to the Residential Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions. Escrow then distributes them according to the buyers and sellers instructions. Both the buyer and the seller rely on the escrow holder to carry out faithfully their mutually consistent instructions relating to the transaction. Escrow holder is bound by law to notify both parties if the instructions given are not mutually consistent or cannot be carried out. These instructions are drawn by the Escrow Officer, and signed by the buyer and seller.

Life of An Escrow

  • PREPARE AN ADDENDUM TO THE CONTRACT: As directed and reviewed by the Real Estate Agents.
  • ORDER PRELIMINARY TITLE REPORT: The preliminary title report is ordered from the title insurance company for the property you are buying or selling. This report reveals liens of public record and is the guideline escrow uses to assure that title is conveyed with only the liens and matters the buyer has agreed to accept.
  • ORDER PAYOFF STATEMENTS (DEMANDS): Order demands from the lender of record of the current mortgage(s) on the property, the homeowner’s association statement and documents, and any other lien information that affects the title to the property.
  • PREPARE ESTIMATED CLOSING STATEMENT: when loan documents are delivered escrow will estimate the closing costs and call the buyer to arrange for an appointment to sign the loan documents and bring in the closing funds.
  • ORDER INSURANCE: Upon receipt of the loan documents and signing of the lenders instructions, escrow will order the insurance policy from the buyer’s insurance agent, per the requirements of buyer’s new lender.
  • SET UP FUNDING: When the buyer has signed all loan documents, they are then sent to the lender with a request for funding.
  • When the lender verifies that they are in a position to release the loan funds, the Escrow Officer calls the title company to “set-up” the recording. The title company rechecks public county records just prior to having the documents recorded, to assure that no new liens have been recorded.
  • The title company will call to “confirm” that all documents have been recorded and give escrow the final title and payoff of existing lender costs. Escrow will then balance your file, prepare closing statements and disburse funds.

Bring It To A Close

We will work diligently to make sure your escrow closes on time and as agreed. There are a number of wrinkles that can occur during a real estate transaction, but don’t worry I have seen them all over the years and have become an expert at ironing them out and I am always available and prepared to step in so that we have a successful closing.  Throughout the entire process I will be there to answer any questions, deal with any issues and make sure your transactions is as smooth and rewarding as possible.


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