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Recently a very good Realtor friend of mine had an altercation at one of her listings which could have been much worse than it was but still serves as a very important reminder about the importance of safety to not only Realtor’s but home seller’s as well.

Her Laguna Niguel listing is an appointment only listing with all appointments being made through her.  This past weekend a person showed up at her client’s home to “view” the home.  The home seller’s let this person in thinking they were the appointment that was schedule to be there in 20 minutes.  The seller text the listing agent that the appointment was early to which she replied no they are not they just text her that they would be there in 15 minutes. So the agent went right over to see who this person was who was touring the home.

When my friend arrived the sellers left to allow her to deal with the situation.  When my friend questioned the person as to why they just showed up without an appointment, which was required per MLS, the person got all upset and started getting agitated.  This concerned my friend who quickly went outside to take a picture of the license plate and when she did the person slapped the phone out of her hand and started to scream at her that they had a right to be there.  After a few minutes of screaming the person left just as the legitimate buyers pulled up with their agent to see the home.

This could have gone worse because no one knows why this person was there.  For my realtor friend it could have been a lot worse than just having her phone ruined.  We did find out later that the person had been going to other open houses that day and causing problems for other agents as well.

This is an extremely rare event but the best way to avoid such an issue is to be proactive and have your home seller require all agents/brokers use the Lockbox even if it’s an appointment only showing. That way we can keep track electronically everyone that has visited your home and we will know exactly who was there just in case anything odd occurs. Sellers should use the same precautions if “buyers” knock on their door just because they see a sign on the front lawn. Either call your agent or have them call their agent and have them use the Lockbox to gain entry. A good agent screens buyers before showing them properties so we will have a good idea of who it is we are letting into strangers homes. For your own safety do not let anyone in without their agent or your agent being present.  In reality 99.9% of the people are real buyers just trying to see the home but it’s the .01% you have to be aware of.

So when it comes to selling your home please take your personal and families safety seriously.  Don’t let just anyone in your home.  If they are insistent simply tell them to call your agent and set up an appointment.  If they are serious buyers they will understand and if they don’t understand following simple common sense protocol do you really want to go through an escrow with them?

If you are considering selling your home feel free to contact me and I will be glad to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Sherry Swift

Broker Associate

949 599 6860



Article Name
Orange County Real Estate - Safety First
A recent altercation in Laguna Niguel show just how important it is to think of safety first in the Orange County Real Estate market. Being proactive is the best protection from possible issues.
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