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Orange County real estate neighborhoods are as different and unique as the people who call them home. Buyers of Orange County real estate have a lot of choices to make when deciding on where to call home but picking the right neighborhood is worth putting some time into since feeling at home when you get home is well worth the time and effort. Sure as a buyer it seems like you are already having to make dozens of decisions, but once you have your criteria sketched out and a general idea of what your looking for start to spend some time looking at the neighborhoods your deciding between so you really feel like your at home once you move in.

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Have you ever drove though a neighborhood and said I could see myself living here or maybe this really isn’t my type of neighborhood?  The feeling of being at home is something nobody can quantify for you, its not like choosing between two or three bedrooms, or a single level or two story home, it’s completely based on the feeling of the buyers and trust me I have been surprised on more than one occasion when a buyer will surpass much of their list of needs and wants to get the house where they feel like they are at home.  Nobody can tell a buyer where they feel at home, and in South Orange County we have such diverse options that every neighborhood has a distinct feel so there really is something for everybody here.

When my buyers are considering writing an offer on a particular home, and they personally are unfamiliar with that neighborhood, I strongly recommend that they drive it during the day, during the evening and the weekend as well to get a real feeling of where they may be moving.  I usually know my clients and the neighborhoods of Orange County real estate well enough to know if a neighborhood is a match but I still feel it’s important for my buyers to really get a personal feel for a neighborhood before buying. A little time spend driving through the neighborhood goes a long way to ensuring the house you are buying is somewhere you want to call home.

In the end buying an Orange County home is much more than picking beds and bathes, floor plans, and housing styles. It’s about picking a place where you and your family want to call home. I always take the time to make sure my clients are moving somewhere they will proudly call home, it is always worth the extra time and effort since that feeling of being home is irreplaceable.

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