Orange County real estate a picture is worth a few hundred thousand words

The old adage a picture is worth a thousand words is definitely true when it comes to Orange County real estate pictures, in fact when it comes to real estate pictures are often worth tens of thousands of words.  With approximately 90% of potential Orange County home buyers starting their home search online it’s crucial that the pictures capture their attention by showcasing the best features of the home in such a way that the pictures create an emotional impact and only well done visual mediums are able to do that. Just snapping random pictures with a smart phone is nowhere near enough in today’s world of Internet shoppers. That is why we have professionally shot and edited photos on our listings as well as mini movie styled video tours, we want to maximize the impact of visual mediums to generate more offers, quicker and for more money for our sellers.

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Busy Orange County real estate buyers need to be motivated to want to see your home and the pictures you post are often the only chance you have to motivate them.  Don’t risk getting eliminated from their list of potential homes because of poor quality photos.  I know an out of area buyer that passed on the same listing three times because the pictures were such poor quality that he just went on to the next one since he couldn’t get a good feel for the home. The home fit what he was looking for perfectly, but the bad pictures made him click over to the next one. Luckily I noticed it and was able to get him to agree to look at it and oddly enough he ended up purchasing it, but don’t count on most agents to know what their buyers are looking for well enough and scrub through the MLS often enough and then take the time to preview the property for their buyers which is the only way your going to overcome those poor photos. Buyers need to get a warm feeling from the visuals of your home for it to make the list of homes they want to see, so make sure the pictures convey that warmth.

The whole point of marketing your home is to generate interest, that interest then generates activity and that activity generates offers. Poorly shot pictures or skipping on the video tour cost you interest, activity and offers.  It seems like a small matter but when potential buyers are sitting at their laptops and the end of a long day with the TV playing in the background you have to earn their attention, good visuals do that, bad visuals make them want to stay on the couch.

I’ve sent listings to buyers only to have them say yes I seen that online but either there were no pictures or the pictures were of such poor quality that they just passed it by. Other times I have had buyers want to see and write an offer on a home that was outside their original concept but the visuals were so good they could just see themselves living there. Remember your home is going to be someone else’s home so they have to feel at home when they look at it online otherwise they are going to stay home.

Orange county real estate photos

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