Mirroring the Tenacity of a Child

After spending 5 hours with my 7-month-old grandson I was reminded of how powerful a child’s tenacity and determination can be.

With laser like focus while leaning against the ottoman as he can’t quite stand without help yet, he systematically reached for and grabbed each object even if it meant standing on his tippy toes and stretching as far as he could. Not once did he give up until he was able to grab whatever caught his eye at the time. He had a goal, determination and persistence and laser like focus and concentration and he obtained his goal every time and didn’t give up until it was firmly in his hands, or in some cases in his mouth.

As adults we talk a lot about goals. Some of us even write them down and some even review what they wrote down either monthly or quarterly and see how their results match their goals and make the appropriate adjustments. My little buddle of joy’s determination really drove home the point that goals are good but you must add determination, persistence and laser like focus to reach them. Don’t let the naysayers, your own doubts, past failures, inexperience or anything else get in the way of you obtaining your goal. Be like a child and don’t give up even when it looks impossible.

Let’s start today and write down our goals whether they are personal, professional or physical and with child like determination and laser like focus work towards our goals until with reach them!

Sherry Swift

Broker Associate

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Article Name
Mirroring the tenacity of a child
A recent visit with my grandson showed me the importance of tenacity and laser like focus to accomplish seemingly impossible goals.
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