I PASSED! Proud to Now be a California Real Estate Broker

I’m really happy to announce that I passed my California Real Estate Broker Exam and am now an Orange County Real Estate Broker!  It has been a bit of a longer road than I had thought.  I had to take 4 different courses to complete the education requirement then get finger printed and then send in the paperwork and wait for it to be processed so I could take the exam.  Oh and did I mentioned I did this all when the Department of Real Estate became the Bureau of Real Estate so they were going through a lot of internal issues during that process none of which made the process move any quicker.

Once I submitted all this I took the cram course (not realizing the time frame would be much longer than I anticipated) to prepare for the test that I ultimately didn’t take till 6 months later so all that I crammed into my brain probably got crowded out.  So I signed up to take online test so I could keep refreshing the information. Oddly enough very little was the same between the cram courses and the actual test so I guess 15 years of real estate experience really payed off.

The broker’s exam is in two parts so you do one in the morning and the 2nd in the afternoon versus the sales person’s license, which people often finish in 30 minutes or less. After getting over the where did these questions come from moment I settled in and was able to rely heavily on my experience to carry me through, which makes you think the experience requirement ought to be a lot greater since this is really where we are going to pull our problem solving skills from.

Once finished they give you the paper with your results taped up and tell you only to open it after you exit the building. Guess they don’t want anyone who may have failed to get upset inside.  Immediately upon exiting the building I tore open the paper to see CONGRATULATIONS YOU PASSED. I immediately text my husband with a smiling selfie holding my letter stating I passed (I guess I am not beyond the selfie age).  I must say I was pretty happy and definitely looked forward to going home to celebrate!

This is a big step towards our future plan, but first I will enjoy the moment and catch up on a few things that were pushed aside!

Sherry Swift



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