Finding that Perfect Next Home

Finding the home that is just right for you is a time intensive process as it should be after all it’s where you are going to invest a lot of your time and money.  After 15 years of helping buyers find the best next home I have developed a system to make the experience more efficient and enjoyable for my clients. I start with sitting down and having a consultation with the buyers, making sure all decision makers are present, to determine what their wants and needs are because what you want and what you need are two different things as I’m sure you know.  You may want a 4 bedroom ocean view home but you need a 4 bedroom home with a big yard for your 4 dogs.  So we start with two columns one for wants and another for needs.  Then we work through both lists and come up with the top 5 things you must have which we call the non-negotiables.  Then we review the list one more time making sure it’s correct.  Of course we all know that nothing is set in stone and that usually after the first few showings the list is revised and updated based on reality.


Today the consultations are a little different because of the Internet.  90% of home buyers start their home search and get a good idea of pricing for multiple areas, types of homes, amenities etc all without having to leave the couch.  Then with the use of Google Maps they can check out the street view of the area and really get a good feel for the neighborhood.  The Internet has enhanced the home buying experienced and empowered buyers with so much more knowledge then they had before. As experienced local real estate brokers our job is to help them understand all the data they collected, add our hyper local insights you just can’t find online and using their needs and wants list find the home that matches their families needs.

With the data you can collect online and my 15 years of hyper local experience helping buyers find that ideal next home we will find your perfect next home in no time. So contact me today to get off the Internet and into the car to find your next home!

Sherry Swift

Broker Associate

949 599 6860

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finding the perfect next home
After 15 years in Orange County Real Estate I have developed a system to help buyers find that perfect next home. Combined with my hyper local expertise I make the process efficient and painless.
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