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Buying a home in Orange County should be an exciting, fun and joyful experience. Sure wrinkles occur but we smooth them out for you so you can focus on enjoying the net result your brand new home!

I love working with buyers and finding them their next new Orange County home. I take care of all my buyers personally so don’t worry you will never be delegated to an inexperienced buyers agent, after all you hired a skilled, experienced local expert to find you your next home, isn’t that who you should be working with?

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You will never feel rushed through the process, I have had some clients buy the third house we see, others who took a year of looking to find the right home. Whatever it takes and however long it takes don’t worry I will be there for you. We will find the right Orange County home for you on the right terms because we will keep looking at homes together until we find the one that is just right.

If we identity a neighborhood where you want to buy but there are no homes on the market me and my team will door knock the neighborhood to see if any current owners are interested in selling so we can get in before they hit the market.

Our expertise is hyper-local, as real estate today requires. We focus on the cities of the 949 area code in Orange County and know the areas, neighborhoods, and tracts of South Orange County area very well. This type of hyper-local focus is essential to truly be able to give you the most accurate information, share area knowledge, know what floor plans are out there, know which specific neighborhoods most meet your needs and desires and know what properties are selling for as well as what may be coming on the market in the near future.  The cities we focus on include:

Aliso Viejo Real Estate       Corona del Mar Real Estate    Coto de Caza Real Estate

Dana Point Real Estate      Irvine Real Estate    Ladera Ranch Real Estate

Laguna Beach Real Estate        Laguna Hills Real Estate    Laguna Niguel Real Estate

Lake Forest Real Estate    Mission Viejo Real Estate    Newport Beach Real Estate 

Rancho Santa Margarita Real Estate    San Clemente Real Estate

 San Juan Capistrano Real Estate 

The buying process:

1)   Prequalification – the first step is getting prequalified with a lender so we know how much home you can afford. If you don’t have a lender we will gladly provide you a couple references. A good agent always provides more than one reference so you can choose who you work with. Our loyalty is to you not any lenders so we have no problem giving you multiple lenders to consider working with. In my experience if an agent only gives you one lender to work with you may want to consider where that agent’s loyalties are.

2)   Needs and Wants List – once we know how much home you can buy we will sit down and go over a needs and wants list so we can begin pulling properties that may be right for you. Don’t worry if your needs and wants list gets edited a few times, this is very normal. A good needs and wants list is simple and easy to edit.

South orange county home buyers worksheet

The foundation to build your home search on

3)   Email listing alerts – once we have defined your search we begin emailing you Orange County homes for sale to consider. When you find one you want to see one click or call lets us know and we will get you in there.

4)   Previewing – we will regularly preview homes in Orange County that appear to meet your criteria and report to you our findings and thoughts.

5)   Showings – we pride ourselves on finding the best properties for you and will give you our honest opinions on the homes we see together based on over a decade of experience.

6)   Feedback – after showing we will take in your impressions and discuss the pros and cons of the homes we have seen.

7)   Re-access Search Parameters – once we have seen a few homes we will review what we have seen, review our needs and wants list and if necessary modify our search parameters to make sure we are looking for exactly what you want.

8)   Find your Ideal Next Home – Once we find your ideal Orange County home we:

  1. Do price research to make sure our offer is inline with the market
  2. Contact the listing agent to introduce our offer and collect any information we can
  3. Structure the offer – based on information gathered we structure our offer for the greatest chance of acceptance.
  4. Contact listing agent again to sell and submit our offer
  5. Work with the listing agent to work out any details
  6. Counter offers if necessary
  7.  Reach agreement and open escrow!

 The Escrow Process:

An escrow is an arrangement on which a neutral third party, called an escrow holder, holds legal documentation and funds on behalf of a buyer and seller. The escrow agent works closely with you, the realtors and lender to assure that the sale conditions are complied within the time period called for in the Residential Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions.

After all parties have executed these documents, escrow prepares an Addendum to the Residential Purchase Agreement and Joint Escrow Instructions. Escrow then distributes them according to the buyers and sellers instructions. Both the buyer and the seller rely on the escrow holder to carry out faithfully their mutually consistent instructions relating to the transaction. Escrow holder is bound by law to notify both parties if the instructions given are not mutually consistent or cannot be carried out. These instructions are drawn by the Escrow Officer, and signed by the buyer and seller.  

Life of an Escrow:

  1.  PREPARE AN ADDENDUM TO THE CONTRACT: As directed and reviewed by the Real Estate Agents.
  2. ORDER PRELIMINARY TITLE REPORT: The preliminary title report is ordered from the title insurance company for the property you are buying or selling. This report reveals liens of public record and is the guideline escrow uses to assure that title is conveyed with only the liens and matters the buyer has agreed to accept.
  3. ORDER PAYOFF STATEMENTS (DEMANDS): Order demands from the lender of record of the current mortgage(s) on the property, the homeowner’s association statement and documents, and any other lien information that affects the title to the property.
  4. PREPARE ESTIMATED CLOSING STATEMENT: when loan documents are delivered escrow will estimate the closing costs and call the buyer to arrange for an appointment to sign the loan documents and bring in the closing funds.
  5. ORDER INSURANCE: Upon receipt of the loan documents and signing of the lenders instructions, escrow will order the insurance policy from the buyer’s insurance agent, per the requirements of buyer’s new lender.
  6. SET UP FUNDING: When the buyer has signed all loan documents, they are then sent to the lender with a request for funding.
  7. When the lender verifies that they are in a position to release the loan funds, the Escrow Officer calls the title company to “set-up” the recording. The title company rechecks public county records just prior to having the documents recorded, to assure that no new liens have been recorded.
  8. The title company will call to “confirm” that all documents have been recorded and give escrow the final title and payoff of existing lender costs. Escrow will then balance your file, prepare closing statements and disburse funds.

Bring it to a Close :

We will work diligently to make sure your escrow closes on time and as agreed. There are a number of wrinkles that can occur during a real estate transaction, but don’t worry I have seen them all over my years of working in Orange County real estate and have become an expert at ironing them out and I am always available and prepared to step in so that we have a successful closing.  Throughout the entire process I will be there to answer any questions, deal with any issues and make sure your transactions is as smooth and rewarding as possible. After your escrow closes we will be in regular contact to make sure everything is going well and to keep you up on the real estate market and your home’s value.


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