Aliso Viejo Real Estate Termites YIKES!

When you purchase an Orange County home you will have to have a clear termite report. A clear termite report protects both the buyer and the bank from the damage termites can do. However homeowners frequently forget about those nasty little pesky termites once they close escrow?  Why? Well, life happens, besides we have better things to do in Orange County than sit around thinking about those hidden pests!

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Let me give you quick warning regarding termites today, don’t forget about them.  They are there and they can cause significant and costly damage that can delay your closing when selling your house.  Since the longer termites are allowed to roam free the more damage they do my recommendation would be to have an annual termite inspection on all your Orange County real estate.  Consider it a precautionary inspection or preventive maintenance for your home.  For around $100 in Orange County a licensed pest control company will come out and do a complete termite inspection.  If they find an issue typically they can do a local treatment and not end up having to have your home tented which can start at around $1600 for an average size home in Orange County.

A recent Aliso Viejo real estate transaction I had shows just how bad termites can be. My client ended up having to tent the home they were selling despite no obvious signs of damage or infestation because the termites were that bad. This being Aliso Viejo the home has a zero lot line, meaning we had to get the neighbor to sign off on the tent being in their backyard and allow the termite company to access their backyard through their garage. Of course all this had to be done in a hurry since they new buyer wanted their home and the sellers obviously didn’t want to keep paying a mortgage on the home they were no longer living in.

Don’t let those little termites take up residence in your home!  They aren’t paying rent and can actually end up costing you a lot of money as well as inconvenience since you have to move out of the home for a few days while a tent is put on. A quick annual termite inspection can end up saving you thousands of dollars and make your life a lot easier when you sell your Orange County real estate. Remember termites often are never seen they just hide behind the walls and gradually do increasing amounts of damage, so get rid of those pests before they put in roots!

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Aliso Viejo real estate dealing with termites

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