4 reasons to sell your Orange County Real Estate during the holiday season


Many Orange County homeowners who are thinking about selling their homes at this time of year often put it off until after the holidays. Some just don’t want to move during the holidays, some just don’t want to go through the work of having their home show ready during the holidays, while others have the impression that they will get less money for their homes during the holidays.


All of these are valid reasons, however here are four reasons why selling your Orange County home during the holidays just may make sense for you.


1) The Orange County Real Estate buyers that are out looking are more serious during this time because who wants to shop for homes when they have Thanksgiving feasts to prepare, all the office Christmas parties, coordinating visiting family members and not to mention Christmas shopping.  So those buyers that are out looking at Orange County Real Estate during the holidays are out with a purpose and motivation: they want to buy and they want to buy ASAP so they can get back to their holiday season.


2) The second reason to sell your Orange County home during the holiday season is that there tend to be fewer homes on the market so you don’t have as many other sellers to compete with since a lot of sellers will just wait until after the holidays.  Also, think about it, many homes look absolutely beautiful when decorated for Christmas so you home may show better during this time of year than any other.


3) The third reason is if you are moving up to a more expensive home. With Orange County Real Estate appreciation trending upwards now may be the time to make your move up to a more expensive home before the price of your move up property appreciates much more. I always remind my buyers that you always want to make the money on the buy up and remind them that the move up is their new mortgage payment for the next 30 years.


4) The last reason is simply why wait?  What would make you move in the spring rather than now?  Are you looking to get a bigger home because where you are is simply too small, or you want to be closer to your family because you are a new parent, you want to move to the retirement home that you bought in a different state, or is your commute time to work taking more and more time away from being home with your family and causing excessive stress on you. These are all very valid reasons to move sooner rather than later. So think about it is it worth waiting 3-4 more months or is now the time to make that change.


If you’re thinking about buying or selling now or after the holiday season and have any questions feel free to contact me I am here to help.

Sherry Swift


949 599 6860

Article Name
4 reasons to sell your home during the holidays
The holiday season is not always a bad time to sell your Orange County real estate, here are four reasons why it might make sense
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