2015 Planning and the need to know your home’s value

The end of year and New Year planning that comes with it is a great time to get a home valuation report.  Usually when you aren’t considering selling your home you really don’t pay much attention to its market value. But knowing the value of your home is still important even when your not thinking about selling because typically it makes up the greatest portion of your asset value.

Considering the importance of your home as an asset don’t rely on websites offering guesstimates to give you a real value for you home. These websites really only provide a basic range for your home and not an accurate estimate. You want to have a professional Realtor who has access to all of the active, pending and sold transactions for your neighborhood and the surrounding neighbors that are similar to yours provide you with a true Market Valuation of your home.

There are a number of reasons a local Realtor can provide a much more accurate market valuation then a global website can. Most online estimates can’t differentiate between a single family detached home and homes zoned as detached condos. In Aliso Viejo where we have several communities that are detached condos the single family detached homes typically sell higher than a detached condo of the same size. Second the online estimates don’t take into account any significant differences between homes such as views, lot size, upgrades and improvements. Lastly, while a website can only look at the past and provide a guestimate based on past sales a professional Realtor looks beyond the past to the current real estate market (measuring pending and active listings) and then goes even further and weighs the current real estate trends all while considering your home on it’s individual merits to reach a much more accurate number for your particular home.

To get an accurate estimate of your home’s value in the New Year feel free to contact me today.

Article Name
2015 and the need to know your home's value
Why you need to have an accurate market value report done for your home even if you aren't planning on selling and what separates an accurate market valuation from an online guesstimate from your leading local orange county real estate team.
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