Monthly Archives: December 2014

Working with Foreign buyers of Orange County Real Estate

foreign buyers

Back in 2012 and 2013 Orange County Real Estate had a huge influx of foreign buyers for many of these out of country buyers our home prices were seen as a great value investment alternative while others were buying vacation

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2015 Planning and the need to know your home’s value

home value

The end of year and New Year planning that comes with it is a great time to get a home valuation report.  Usually when you aren’t considering selling your home you really don’t pay much attention to its market value.

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Aliso Viejo Real Estate Report December 2014

aliso viejo real estate report dec 14 .001

Aliso Viejo Real Estate Report Aliso Viejo Real Estate at a Glance:the typical holiday season slow down is in full effect right now. There is stronger interest at the entry level price point so if that is you expect more

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Orange County Real Estate Report December 2014

orange county real estate report dec 2014.001

Orange County Real Estate - seasonal slow down in full effect So the annual holiday season slow down is in full effect now. There is still activity and the buyers out there are extremely serious about buying now, but overall indicators

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